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3 Plus servicing

Jaguar Land Rover service or maintenance should never come with unexpected surprises. That’s why we created a 100% Jaguar and Land Rover service programme– dedicated to Jaguars and Land Rover's over 3 years old.

With 100% Jaguar Land Rover , you’ll not only get the reassurance of Jaguar Land Rover Trained Technicians and Jaguar Land Rover Genuine Parts at a fixed and competitive price at participating Retailers across the UK, but also a 2 year parts warranty.

Because when it comes to Jaguar Land Rover servicing and maintenance, we believe our customers deserve nothing less than 100% Jaguar Land Rover.

Plus with a competitive fixed price, you’ll have even greater peace of mind. Allowing you to worry about more important things – like planning your next adventure.

For more details on prices on these programmes - please see the price tables below for each brand.

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Land Rover 3+ Service & Maintenance Prices