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15 Cool Features Of The Jaguar F-PACE SUV

18 October 2019

15 Cool Features Of The Jaguar F-PACE SUV

From practicality and safety to exhilaration, power, technology and design, the Duckworth Jaguar team have selected our 15 favourite highlights of the stunning F-PACE.

1) Exceptional Practicality

Jaguar F-PACE is as practical as it is beautiful, ensuring that every journey is efficient, as well as exhilarating.

  1. Up to 1,740 litres of loadspace
    F-PACE’s rear seats fold back, allowing additional space for even more luggage. The floor of this superb SUV’s loadspace is also reversible, offering a durable carpet on one side and an easy to clean rubber surface on the other.
  2. Wide Boot Opening & Low Loading Height
    It is very easy to load all of your belongings on every road trip thanks to F-PACE’s low loading height and wide boot.
  3. Front & Rear Parking Aids
    Manoeuvring has never been easier, with sensors carefully placed in the front and rear bumpers of the F-PACE. These are activated automatically when reverse is activated, or manually when driving forwards. As you park, F-PACE’s engaging touchscreen and audio system displays your surroundings.

2) In-Car Technology

Jaguar is always at the forefront of innovation and technology, leading the way in the latest developments in the auto industry. F-PACE is the epitome of Jaguar’s commitment to technology, possessing:

  1. 10″ Touch Pro Touchscreen
    The next generation of Jaguar’s infotainment system allows pinch-to-zoom gestures; a DAB radio; SatNav; Bluetooth and USB connectivity; customisable home screen, and Dual View, which allows passengers and the driver to enjoy different media on the same screen.
  2. Head-up display (including traffic sign recognition)
    Jaguar’s optional Head-up Display (HUD) showcases your speed, gear position and navigation directions in HD right on your windscreen.

Ever been driving and realised you’re not wholly aware of the speed limit? F-PACE’s technology is also able to detect road signs and adjust your speed accordingly, as well as display it on your instrument cluster.

  1. Meridian Audio
    Meridian Audio delivers a breathtaking sound through up to 16 speakers and an exquisite subwoofer.

Click here for more info on the Jaguar InControl infotainment system.

3) Explosively Dynamic Performance

And now we get to the key reason why many motor lovers opt for Jaguar: the unrivalled, pulse-racing art of performance. F-PACE drivers become the envy of fellow motorists on the roads thanks to its spectacular capabilities, which include…

  1. All-Wheel Drive
    Offering increased confidence and reassurance on all surfaces, Jaguar’s All-Wheel Drive system is vastly intelligent, continuously working hard to ensure your F-PACE’s performance levels never drop, whether you’re on snow, ice, gravel or mud.
  2. Powerful performance
    Jaguar F-PACE S is capable of travelling at up to 150mph, and reaches 0-60mph in an explosive 6.2 seconds!
  3. Adaptive & configurable dynamics
    Jaguar Adaptive Response configures the performance and handling of your F-PACE by detecting the conditions, surface and terrain. Meanwhile, this SUV’s Configurable Dynamics technology enables you to manually set up throttle mapping, gearbox shifts and steering to create the perfect, personalised driving experience.

4) Safety Features

Jaguar’s expert developers and designers know that safety is key, which is why they’ve ensured the F-PACE boasts…

  1. A Five-Star Euro NCAP rating
    This is the highest rating a vehicle can receive from the European New Car Assessment Programme. Euro NCAP defines a 5-star car as one with “Overall good performance in crash protection”, that is “well equipped with robust crash avoidance technology.”
  2. Lane Keep Assist & Driver Condition Monitoring
    Lane Keep Assist detects unintentional drifting and applies a corrective torque to the steering wheel. Driver Condition Monitoring, on the other hand, is able to warn you if you’re starting to feel drowsy by monitoring steering inputs, brake and throttle pedal activity.
  3. Emergency Braking
    Not only does F-PACE provide audible and visual collision warnings and pedestrian sensing, it is also able to brake and slow down automatically if it senses an impending crash.

5) Class-Leading Design

Stand out from the crowd on the roads with the jaw-dropping F-PACE. Every aspect of this stunning SUV is designed to impress and turn heads.

  1. Aerodynamic design
    Jaguar’s superior performance is enhanced with F-PACE’s uniquely crafted, aerodynamic proportions.
  2. Adaptive LED headlights
    An optional add-on we most definitely recommend, F-PACE’s adaptive LED headlights reduce fatigue and deliver a crisper, sharper and safer view of the roads.
  3. Sporty Wheels
    Offering an array of options when it comes to wheel design, F-PACE is beautiful from top to bottom. From 18″ right on through to 22″, you’ll be spoilt for choice when picking the wheels to match your new SUVs dynamic appearance.

Drive Home In The F-PACE

Visit us in Boston, Lincolnshire, to experience every one of F-PACE’s impressive capabilities, including the F-PACE R-Sport, F-PACE Prestige, F-PACE Portfolio and F-PACE S.

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