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Alignment/Wheel Geometry Check

22 April 2022

Alignment/Wheel Geometry Check

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What is a Wheel Geometry Check?

Wheel Geometry Checks ensure your wheels are aligned. Wheel alignment can be caused by off-road driving, collisions with pot holes or parking stalls, and general wear and tear. 

Making sure your wheel alignment is done regularly brings the following benefits:

- Making your drive more fuel efficient.

- Eliminates drifting, making your drive safer.

- Wheel alignment can help prevent premature tyre-wear.

- Suspension and steering components last longer.

What's Included?

As well as ensuring your vehicle wheels are aligned and calibrated, Wheel Geometry Checks also check:

- Wheel damage

- Potential Suspension Damage

- Tyre pressure & condition

- Tyre sizes

When Should You Have One?

We recommend you have a Wheel Geometry Check every 10,000 miles or at least every 3 years, although your vehicles may display this information in your vehicle manual or in your on board system. You may want to get your vehicle geometry checked if you are experiencing any of the following signs:

- Tendency for the car to wander.

- Tyres wearing out unevenly.

- Vehicle wandering when travelling at high speeds.

- If your steering wheel does not fall back to centre position after steering.