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Car Maintenance During Lockdown: Taking Care of Your Vehicle

15 April 2020

Car Maintenance During Lockdown: Taking Care of Your Vehicle

As the country self-isolates and remains on lockdown, many of you may be wondering about the condition and performance of your car while it is left parked and rarely used during the coronavirus crisis. 

While you may seldom drive your vehicle during the coronavirus crisis, it’s important to continue maintaining and taking care of it throughout lockdown. 

Government instructions during the COVID-19 pandemic stipulate that you should only drive for the following reasons:

  • Traveling to work
  • For essential food supplies
  • To attend medical appointments.

If these guidelines mean that your vehicle is now left parked on your drive or street, follow our lockdown maintenance guide to preserve its peak performance, efficiency and capability so that it is ready for essential travel and for when the restrictions are lifted.

Taking care of your petrol or diesel car during lockdown

From the battery to the tyres and brakes, follow these quick and easy steps to take care of your petrol or diesel Jaguar/Land Rover while it is rarely being used.

Diesel Particulate Filter

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) captures and stores soot from your exhaust, which has to be emptied or 'burned off' in order to not exceed capacity. A failure to maintain this element of your Jaguar Land Rover will result in the vehicle entering 'restricted performance mode' to avoid further damage.

If your DPF is filled with soot, you will soon see an amber warning light on your dashboard. This is when you need to clean the filter, which can be done by driving between 37 and 70mph for around 20 minutes.

When you see a green light, you'll know the cleaning is complete and that there are no more clogs in the system. If you instead see a red light, you'll need to contact our technicians or Jaguar Roadside Assistance because this means your filter is full.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Also known as AdBlue, Diesel Exhaust Fluid is vital in maintaining the optimum performance of your Jaguar or Land Rover. This fluid neutralises any harmful gases generated in your car's engine, therefore reducing emissions by up to 90%.

If your AdBlue needs topping up, you'll see a warning in the vehicle's message centre. We advise checking your vehicle handbook and following the instructions to fill up your Diesel Exhaust Fluid as soon as the first warning light is displayed.

Preserve your battery

We recommend starting your vehicle at least once every seven days to keep the battery engaged. Turn your engine on for 30 minutes in the first instance and set the temperature in the interior of your car to 22 degrees.

The following week, do the same thing again but for 15 minutes. Continue this process every seven days to take maximum care of your battery.

Land Rover tyres

Look after your tyres during lockdown

Your Jaguar Land Rover model’s tyres are selected, tested and developed to match the vehicle’s flawless performance and capability. 

It’s crucial that you look after them to preserve their impressively high performance across all terrains, especially if they are now no longer rotating as regularly as they once were.

Flat spots can develop in your tyres if you are not careful during the coronavirus lockdown. These are caused by tyres being compressed against a hard surface for a long period of time. 

So, to avoid them and keep your tyres inflated, please make sure that you keep a close eye on the tyre pressure and that you adjust the position of your Land Rover by a quarter of a wheel turn every fortnight.

Maintain your brakes

To remove any surface corrosion that has occurred to your brakes during long periods of no use, we strongly suggest gently applying them at a very low speed when you first start to drive again.

Keep your battery running at optimum level

By using a Battery Conditioner, you can track the efficiency and usage of your vehicle's battery. Our Land Rover / Range Rover Battery Conditioner can diagnose, monitor and maintain the battery level of your vehicle, guaranteeing prolonged battery life and efficiency - so you can be sure that your vehicle is always running at its best.  

The Land Rover / Range Rover Battery Conditioner is £140.00 including VAT and free UK delivery, and can be delivered straight to your door so that you can run at optimum capacity. 

Taking care of your electric car and PHEV during lockdown

If you are the proud owner of a Jaguar I-PACE or one of Land Rover’s terrific PHEV models, be sure to read the following instructions on how to look after your pride and joy during the coronavirus crisis.


Jaguar Land Rover recommends leaving your electric or hybrid vehicle plugged into your home charging point at all times to keep the battery at maximum charge. 

Once it is at maximum charge, it will no longer draw power from your socket; you can rest assured that your vehicle will only charge as required. If you are not able to leave your I-PACE or PHEV on charge at all times, try to check its charge level every 30 days and recharge if it is below 50%.

When charging your vehicle, you should enable Pre-Conditioning via its touchscreen to circulate the air conditioning.

Jaguar I-PACE

Preserve your electric/hybrid vehicle’s brakes and tyres during lockdown

Taking care of your electric car/PHEV’s brakes and tyres while they are not being used is a similar process to that of a petrol or diesel car. Every 14 days, roll the vehicle a quarter forwards or backwards to prevent tyre flat spots and gently apply your brakes at a low speed to remove any surface corrosion.

Preserving your Land Rover PHEV

We strongly suggest running your Land Rover PHEV's petrol engine at least once every fortnight for 15 minutes. When doing so, make sure that the cabin temperature is set to 22 degrees and that the AC is turned on.

To engage the petrol engine, deactivate the Auto Stop/Start system by pressing the vehicle icon and selecting the 'A' OFF button. This will disable the EV mode.

Are you a key worker in need of essential service work?

Duckworth Motor Group is here to keep key workers on the road, ensuring they continue to save lives, look after the vulnerable, take care of our children, put food on our plates, and carry out every other vital work throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Whether it’s a service, repair, part or accessory you need, if you’re a key worker, we can take care of it. Simply give us a call on 01205 722110 (Boston) or 01673 842101 (Market Rasen) to book now.


What happens to MOTs during the coronavirus lockdown?

If your MOT is due on or before 30th March 2020, your expiry date will be extended by 6 months. However, it remains crucial that your vehicle is safe to drive. If you have any concerns about your car, please do give our technicians a call.

For more information, click here: MOTs during coronavirus crisis.

Can I still order parts and accessories for my car during lockdown?

You can indeed. We’re supporting every vehicular need of the key people working tirelessly to support the nation through COVID-19, and that includes parts and accessories. Check out our websites below to browse our current Jaguar, Land Rover and Isuzu selection:

What happens to road tax during lockdown?

Rules regarding road tax remain the same during lockdown: if you are driving your vehicle, you need to tax it. If, however, you are no longer driving your vehicle, you can stop paying your tax, as long as you:

  • Officially inform the DVLA your vehicle is no longer on public roads. This is called a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN).
  • Keep your car on private land, such as your driveway or garage. Please bear in mind that cars parked on public roads must be taxed, even if you are no longer driving them.
What car insurance options do I have during the coronavirus crisis?

For details on coronavirus and car insurance, check out this useful guide from Compare the Market.