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Duckworth Motor Group Invests in Three New State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Stations

18 July 2023

Duckworth Motor Group Invests in Three New State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Stations

We are pleased to announce we have invested in three new state-of-the-art diagnostic stations at our Market Rasen Showroom.

The new stations mean we will be able to look after all types of Jaguar Land Rover servicing and repairs, ensuring faster service for customers and more work for our local employees.

A diagnostic check is a process of checking a vehicle’s systems and components to help identify issues and rectify them. Modern vehicles are equipped with extensive computer networks that can provide information on the engine, brakes, and other related systems.

Car diagnostics technicians nowadays use this information to carry out a range of checks to diagnose possible faults with cars before they escalate into potentially expensive problems.

The information is then relayed back to the service provider so they can tell you what will be needed for your car to fix any issues identified during the inspection. This procedure could also include preventative measures as well as industry-standard tests like emissions inspections and brake inspections, where needed.

Gordon Joyce, Head of Business said: “This is great news for Duckworth Motor Group and all our customers. These new machines are a necessary investment for our business and essential to keep up with the latest technology to ensure we stay competitive and provide the best service for our customers”.

Our Market Rasen showroom has been open for over 30 years and is the trusted place for new and used car sales, servicing, MOTs, repairs, and parts for much of the Lincolnshire farming community.

If you are looking for a trusted Lincolnshire garage to look at your vehicle, please pop in and see us or contact us at Duckworth Motor Group on 01673 842101