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Our Car Showrooms Will Reopen Monday 1st June

29 May 2020

Our Car Showrooms Will Reopen Monday 1st June

On Monday 1st June, the doors to our Lincolnshire car showrooms will reopen, having remained shut for most of our customers for the last several weeks due to coronavirus and lockdown.

Since Ben Duckworth’s announcement on 25th March, our Boston and Market Rasen sales showrooms have been closed. In that time, we have been supporting the nation through the Covid-19 pandemic by providing essential maintenance and repairs to keep key workers on the road.

While this continues to be our mission, we are now delighted to finally start welcoming back customers in a safe and responsible manner. 

We have worked hard to ensure that our showrooms have every measure and precaution in place to protect those visiting and operating at our Lincolnshire sites. The health and wellbeing of our visitors and team will always be our number one priority.

Here are the various changes we have made in line with government guidelines...

Visitors by appointment only

To ensure that we adhere to social distancing best practices, we will be operating via an appointment-only system. If you are looking to visit our Jaguar, Land Rover, Isuzu or Select showrooms, you will need to contact us prior to your arrival. This applies to both sales and servicing.

Whether you’re booking service or repair, or want to explore the New Defender, please make sure you book an appointment using the phone numbers below before visiting any of our sites.

  • Duckworth Jaguar Boston: 01205 722110
  • Duckworth Land Rover Boston: 01205 722110
  • Duckworth Land Rover Market Rasen: 01673 842101
  • Duckworth Select: 01205 725700
  • Duckworth Isuzu Boston: 01205 725700
  • Duckworth Isuzu Market Rasen: 01673 842101

Market Rasen Covid-19 Safety Video

Social distancing and protective measures at Boston

Duckworth Select Safety Video

Strict social distancing

We have implemented various guides and rules to ensure that strict social distancing takes place at all times across all sites. The measures we have taken to guarantee this include:

  • A one-way system around the showroom.
  • Clear, easy to follow stickers on the floor to ensure each visitor and staff member remain at least two metres apart.
  • A unique, designated drop-off point for service customers.
  • A welcome point for our sales customers.

Extensive Cleaning Processes

Our car showrooms and vehicles are extensively cleaned and sanitised to ensure maximum health and safety.

All cars left with us have seat and steering wheel covers, and are thoroughly wiped down, cleaned and sanitised. Anti-bacterial wipes are also freely available to use throughout our buildings for our team and customers.

A no touch policy

Every car in our showroom remains locked and labelled with a “Do Not Touch” sign. However, due to our extensive cleaning measures and sanitisation process, we are able to show people around the interior of any model, should you wish. 

Once you have finished exploring the inside of the vehicle, it will then be re-locked and sanitised, ready for the next customer.

For extra protection, our technicians will be wearing gloves and masks. We have also installed large perspex screens on all of our customer-facing desks. Our ‘No-Touch’ policy also means we will continue to avoid shaking hands with any customers.

Maintenance, Repairs & Warranties

Our Aftersales team is now taking bookings for any services that have been delayed or cancelled due to Covid-19.

We will be aiming to prioritise those customers whose services are overdue since the start of the lockdown. We will also be booking in vehicles for essential repairs going forward and will aim to contact as many customers as we can to arrange these bookings.

Your health and safety is our number one priority

We are excited to welcome our wonderful customers back to our showroom and want you all to know that, at Duckworth's, health and safety is always our number one concern.

If you have any questions about the many measures and precautions we are taking, or need to book an appointment, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We will continue to keep a close eye on government guidelines, and will update you whenever necessary. Our team is also in the process of getting in touch with as many customers as we can.

Thank you so much for your patience and support over the last couple of months.

Duckworth Motor Group Risk Assessment

What are the hazards?

Persons at Risk

Existing Controls

Further Action Required 

The potential spread of Covid 19

The main risk is that the Covid 19 virus be passed on between customers, staff & contractors of Duckworth as a result of personal contact or contact with work & other surfaces in the business

All staff and contractors have been issued with detailed instructions on safe working practices when they are in the business. These measures must include:

  • washing hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, using a tissue for coughs and sneezes and to avoid touching face
  • workers asked regularly ‘if suffering from any symptoms’ before working for that day
  • daily temperature checking of all workers, those with elevated temperatures requested to leave site  
  • contract cleaners have been instructed to be extra vigilant when cleaning work surfaces, keyboards, telephones & door handles; increased frequency of cleaning regimes inc common areas such as WC areas
  • supplies of antiseptic wipes & sprays, hand gels, paper towels & protective gloves have been issued to staff and are apparent in customer areas
  • a one-way system of movement around the showroom floor has been introduced, along with sanitising hand stations, 2m distance markers, and zoned areas for customers, contractors and visitors 
  • Sneeze Screens have been fitted on all customer facing and reception desks
  • staff must continue to observe the two-metre rule in all their interactions with customers, colleagues & contractors
  • keys must be taken from customers & handed back to customers whilst observing the two-metre rule throughout
  • disposable pens should be made available to all customers for signing their paperwork, immediately disposed of after use. 
  • staff must clean the keys thoroughly with antiseptic wipes before passing to customers & do the same when receiving keys
  • prior to working on a customer’s car, service front desk staff will thoroughly wipe down all surfaces of the car including door handles, seats, steering wheels, indicators and gear levers etc, before it is passed on to the technicians
  • technicians must wear protective gloves throughout the process of working on a customer’s car and change the gloves after each vehicle is worked on; switch off air-conditioning / climate control systems (unless absolutely necessary during servicing to avoid recirculation of potentially contaminated air within the vehicle)
  • parts personnel must take special care when handling both parts and paperwork. Disposable gloves must be worn when receiving parts & the associated paperwork
  • when receiving or handing over parts to either customers or colleagues, the two-metre rule must be strictly observed
  • throughout the above procedures all staff, contractors and customers must regularly and thoroughly wash their hands in line with Government guidelines
  • sales departments are now permitted to operate under the Government’s recently revised guidelines. Customers can visit our showrooms & view our vehicles - but only in a controlled environment where social distancing is observed throughout
  • showroom cars and used cars remain locked. By request, cars will be opened for customers to view and sit in. The Sales Exec takes responsibility for ensuring the car is immediately re-sanitised once the customer has finished viewing (either personally or by engaging a member of the cleaning team)
  • accompanied test-drives are still not permissible. Customers are insured to drive the vehicle alone if all insurance requirements have been met, and after a comprehensive demonstration of the vehicle controls to the customer. The returned vehicle is again the Sales Exec’s responsibility for ensuring it is immediately re-sanitised (either personally or by engaging a member of the cleaning team)
  • signage on the all access doors warning customers only to enter if not displaying symptoms and maintain the safe distancing rules
  • servicing and maintenance should be limited to local key workers, emergencies and essential work only
  •  ‘Inter site transit’ of personnel limited to emergencies and travel that is essential to maintain service and authorised by a senior manager
  • any work must be limited to work where it is impossible to conduct this work remotely. 
  • our cleaning contractors must follow their own H&S rules. These rules have been presented to Duckworth for review and appear to be suitable

Ongoing and daily monitoring of the process (to ensure compliance) by those in charge of the dept