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Toylander Comes to Town!

26 April 2024

Toylander Comes to Town!

When Chris and Hannah from the Askefield Project visited us at Duckworth Motor Group in Boston to ask if we would be interested in getting involved with their Toylander build, we found ourselves presented with a fantastic (on-brand) opportunity to help a local community organisation. All in favour of a fantastic cause, and since accepting the invitation to get involved, it has been a pleasure to learn more about the Askefield Project themselves and assist them in the build of the Toylander in any way we could.  

So, what is Toylander?

For those who don’t know… Toylander specialise in making and selling handmade children’s electric ride-on cars either as self-build kits or fully ready-built cars.

The Askefield Project, based on Peter’s Eden Farm in Friskney, is a not-for-profit organisation open to all to support local community member’s mental health and wellbeing. A group of young people who attend their weekly Tuesday evening meet, took it upon themselves to build a Toylander Series 1 with the idea of replicating ‘HUE 166’, the very first Land Rover. When they came to meet us, they wondered if we’d be able to paint the car’s body and wheels, in the actual colour HUE was originally painted in and after some light Googling, we concluded it would’ve been a colour called Atlantic Green, and were happy to oblige their request.

It’s been fantastic to see the work in progress and of course have the car here for painting, which has been carried out by Chris in our paint shop, orchestrated by our marketing team with input from our service manager, Danny. The build itself is now complete and has featured locally on ITV Calendar News. It was initially funded by a Health and Inequalities VCSE Grant, and as for the future of the vehicle there is a raffle to win the completed car that will raise funds for the Askefield Project to run a build workshop again. The car is now on display in the showroom, so be sure to visit and come and buy your raffle tickets.