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Smart Repairs

Car paint scratches are not only unsightly but will drive down the resale value of your vehicle. Furthermore, ignoring the need to undertake a scratch repair on your car’s paintwork can lead to chronic and escalating rust problems – meaning you could needlessly incur extra, but avoidable, costs in the future.

SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology. It’s a technique for repairing small areas of car bodywork damage. SMART repair uses specialist tools, materials and paints to blend the repair with the surrounding panel. It’s much quicker and cheaper than traditional car repair.

So, what does SMART repair cover?

Paint Repair
Our qualified technicians carry out SMART paint repairs with specially formulated and expertly colour-matched paint. We can repair the damage and match it to the exact colour and paint finish.

Alloy Wheel Repair
Our alloy wheel SMART repair service is carried out to restore your alloys to mint condition by sanding down the damaged area and applying filler to the scuffs and scrapes, before colour-matching the paint, which is sprayed and blended, leaving a high gloss finish. This service is a cheaper alternative to replacing the whole alloy wheel, making it look as good as new.

Stone Chip Repair
The stone chip SMART repair service will cosmetically improve unsightly stone chips using the latest paint and colour-match technology to ensure your vehicle’s appearance is returned as close as possible to its original state.

Dent Repair
In instances where panel damage is minor, there may be no need for paint repair. In such cases, opting for Paintless Dent Removal proves to be a faster and more cost-effective solution. Our skilled technicians will pinpoint the back of the dent on the panel and employ steel rods to delicately massage it until the dent is eliminated, restoring the panel to its original factory form while preserving the integrity of the original paint job.

Touch-Up & Polish
Our meticulous touch-up and polishing procedures guarantee the restoration of your vehicle to its utmost standard, regardless of the extent of damage. Initially, we conduct a thorough assessment to ascertain the necessity of a touch-up and polish, particularly beneficial for addressing minor scratches, imperfections, swirl marks, and stubborn grime. Should a touch-up be deemed essential, we execute the following method utilising cutting-edge industry techniques and products to ensure a top-tier finish:

  • Cleanse the affected area
  • Assess the extent of damage
  • Apply primer if the damage has penetrated through to the metal
  • Blend paint colour using the vehicle's specific colour code
  • Apply colour using a precise touch-in brush/pencil
  • Apply clear lacquer for a seamless finish
  • Upon drying, delicately polish the area to rejuvenate the gloss, reviving dull and faded paintwork

To find out more or to obtain a quote, please contact us.

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