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Service plans at Duckworth Motor Group

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With both Duckworth Jaguar and Land Rover retailers covering the majority of Lincolnshire, one thing still never changes is the quality of the aftersales services from trained and experienced technicians. Moreover, the servicing plans at each of our dealerships allow customers to fix the price of their vehicle’s maintenance in advance – enabling them to budget against future wear and tear or mechanical faults, and to insure themselves against future rises in the price of parts or labour.

Regardless of the make and model of your car, all Duckworth policies are specifically tailored to your needs – during an initial consultation we will suggest a scheme that suits your particular car and circumstances. Monthly direct debits allow you to spread out the cost of servicing and manage your budget; and when your vehicle does need repairs it will be paid from your account, ensuring that repairs and maintenance will never be a heavy and unexpected blow to your finances.