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Electric and Hybrid models range available at Duckworth Motor Group

Go electric with Land Rover…

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Legendary Capability and Luxury Reimaged
For more than seven decades, Land Rover has challenged what’s possible. Today, electric power enhances the world’s most capable and luxurious SUVs with new levels of sustainability, responsiveness and refinement.

New Range Rover Electric
Where precision and craft meet Range Rover luxury to embrace near-silent, fully electric propulsion, zero tailpipe emissions and access to the fastest public charging networks.
Coming late 2024… join our waiting list to be the first the order.

Land Rover Electric and Hybrid Power

Electric vehicles are powered by an electric motor and a battery. Instead of fuelling up at a petrol station you can keep your car charged through a home charger. On the go, you can benefit from rapid DC charging at public charging stations. By driving electric you help reduce carbon emissions and your carbon footprint.

Electric Hybrid (PHEV)
An electric motor and battery with the back-up of an engine. Use pure electric on the majority of your shorter journeys for zero tailpipe emissions driving. On the occasional longer journey, the combination of electric and fuel offer added reassurance. Charging the battery is easy, both at home and at your destination.

Mild Hybrid (MHEV)
Land Rover MHEVs enhance the efficiency and refinement of their petrol and diesel engines by reusing energy collected through deceleration and regenerative braking. As they don’t have an electric engine, they cannot drive on electric power alone and don’t require charging.

Is Electric Hybrid (PHEV), Petrol Mild Hybrid or Diesel Mild Hybrid right for you?
Whether your next vehicle should be an electric hybrid or mild hybrid, will be based on your driving habits and charging accessibility.

If you are making lots of small journeys, commuting locally, dropping children at school and popping to the supermarket, combined with off-road parking at home where you can install a home charger, or access to charging at work, electric could be right for you.

If you are commuting long distances, say over 80 miles each way, or making frequent long-distance trips, you will need to factor in stops at rapid charging stations along the route. These stops will usually take 30-40 minutes and will cost more than your home charging.

On and Off-Road Capabilty
Heading off the beaten track, you'll find electricity delivers instant power for the most demanding of terrains and departure angles. With exceptional ground clearance and wading capability, there is no need to shy away from a challenge.

EV Savings
From potential tax savings to lower running costs and no charges in congestion zones, electric driving could help you save money all year round. As EV vehicles need fewer parts than petrol or diesel engines, studies have shown annual repair bills are lower.

Explore Vehicles Below...


From £73,495

Jaguar's first all-electric performance SUV. Every Jaguar feels like no other car on the road. Moving to all-electric power doesn’t change this. It offers even more opportunities to shape the dynamic performance and dramatic design for which Jaguar is renowned.


From £49,440

E-PACE is Jaguar's first compact SUV. It has the looks and agility to make it the most dynamic car in its class. With a driver-focused cockpit sitting at the heart of a family-focused interior, E-PACE takes the rewarding Jaguar driving experience and adds everyday practicality. There's never been a compact SUV like this before.

F-PACE PHEV R-Dynamic Black

From £65,765

F-PACE is inspired by the acclaimed C-X17 concept vehicle. It takes the pure Jaguar DNA of legendary performance, handling and luxury. Then it adds space and practicality. More PHEV options are available when building your Jaguar.

Range Rover PHEV

From £104,025

Reflecting its unrivalled heritage, Range Rover takes design, comfort and craftsmanship to extraordinary new heights. As striking on the outside as it is refined within, its performance and capability are peerless. Exemplary levels of comfort and technology bring you a heightened sense of effortless sophistication and a truly first-class travel experience.

Range Rover Sport PHEV

From £92,980

Range Rover Sport is undoubtedly our most dynamic SUV ever. Performance and capability are exceptional, and a range of advanced technologies deliver an assured, confident driving experience. With sportier design cues and a powerful, muscular stance, this is a vehicle designed for impact.

Range Rover Velar PHEV

From £69,095

Range Rover Velar is a revolutionary member of the Range Rover family, sitting between Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport. Taking glamour, modernity and elegance to an exceptional new level, it combines an emotionally charged DNA and unquestionable design pedigree.

Range Rover Evoque PHEV

From £48,715

New Range Rover Evoque’s dramatic, confident and sophisticated design is in complete harmony with the simplicity of its intuitive technologies and supreme levels of functionality. Sophistication and space are abundantly apparent in its beautifully appointed interior. Whilst best-in-class off-road capability adds greatly to the composure of your drive. New Range Rover Evoque. Time to make a statement.

Defender PHEV

From £72,200

Everything about Defender exudes quiet confidence; from its purposeful stance to its reductive, sophisticated surfaces, its integrity is beyond reproach. Both highly desirable and seriously capable. Tough, durable and highly functional, Defender’s interior bears testimony to the vehicle’s spirit of adventure. Structural elements are made of robust materials. Intuitive technologies – like those you’re more likely to find on a smartphone – deliver a connected, engaged drive without taking anything away from the vehicle’s ambience. Added to which, everything has been designed with practicality in mind. With a cabin walk-through1, an optional front jump seat and centre console, the space can be configured any number of ways. Including yours.

Discovery Sport PHEV

From £57,850

The beautifully proportioned New Discovery Sport has arrived. Design-enabling technologies have been embraced to optimise the front and rear design, including LED signature lights, bumpers and grille. These changes have added sophistication to its characterful exterior whilst complementing the engaging nature of the interior design. The compelling New Discovery Sport. Designed and engineered to take you and your family wherever you want to go.