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Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Cleaning and recharging services from Duckworth Motor group

Summer motoring means an increase in workload for your car’s air conditioning system. At Duckworth’s, we know that keeping cool while driving can prove essential to an enjoyable driving experience. What’s more, your passengers will find a comfortable climate equally as valuable to their journey. That’s why we’re pleased to offer effective and affordable air conditioning services to keep you comfortable out on the road.

Air conditioning cleaning

The cleaning and upkeep of your air conditioning system should be carried out annually, flushing out any harmful bacteria and eliminating any unpleasant odours.

Air conditioning recharging

It’s advisable to recharge your air conditioning system every two years with gas and lubricant. An air conditioning system not correctly charged means your engine has to work harder and is thus less efficient; maintaining its charge will use less fuel and deliver cool air when you need it most.