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5 Reasons Why Jaguar Land Rover Is A Dog’s Best Friend

24 September 2019

5 Reasons Why Jaguar Land Rover Is A Dog’s Best Friend

Jaguar Land Rover cars are built with every adventurer in mind. From your little ones in the back right on through to your furry friends in the boot, our cars go above and beyond in ensuring every journey is just as enjoyable as the last, for every passenger.

1) Catering To Its Customers…

Did you know that half of Land Rover owners are thought to be dog owners? Land Rover recently conducted a survey that found that at least 50% of its customers had a canine companion. This is why the iconic British brand puts so much time, thought and innovation into developing its array of dog-friendly features and accessories.

Who better to trust when it comes to guaranteeing your dog travels in the lap of luxury than a brand whose customers and team of technicians and developers love dogs just as much as you do?

2) Premium Land Rover Pet Packs

Over the years, Land Rover has released a wide variety of accessories for dog owners, the most popular of which is the Pet Pack, which includes:

  • A premium quilted load space liner
  • A foldable pet carries
  • An access ramp
  • A spill-resistant water bowl
  • A portable rinse system

These accessories work brilliantly as they protect your car from muddy paw prints and wet fur, while also protecting your dog from risky, high jumps from the boot and dehydration.

Learn more about Land Rover’s Five-Star Dog-Friendly Pet Packs.

3) A Cat Can Be A Dog’s Best Friend…

Jaguar Gear Accessories include many fantastic personalisation options for dog owners. If you regularly travel with your canine, we would recommend checking out the Jaguar Pet Packs, which include:

  • Full height luggage partition – This separates your boot from the interior of your car, ensuring your dog remains safe and protecting your seats from claw marks and stains.
  • Rubber loadspace mat – A fully waterproof, protective mat that prevents mud, sand and claws from damaging your vehicle.
  • Loadspace liner tray – Like the loadspace mat, this too protects your vehicle and can be removed in order to be washed and/or wiped down.

Get your Jaguar Pet Pack at our Boston showroom today. Call 01205 722110 to enquire!

4) Maximum Comfort With A Customisable Interior

By picking a Jaguar or Land Rover for your set of wheels, you’ll provide every passenger with much more space and comfort to enjoy the journey. Also, thanks to Jaguar Land Rover InControl, you can control the temperature, lighting and many other aspects of the interior atmosphere at the simple touch of a button.

No matter how long your next road trip is, you, along with your furry friend(s) in the back, will remain comfortable and relaxed for the whole journey. As demonstrated by Landy, Rover and their new friend below, your dogs will never get bored on a Land Rover adventure!

5) We Love Dogs Too!

The Duckworth team absolutely love dogs, and will welcome your canine companions to the showroom! After all, your next set of wheels needs to be approved by every member of the family!