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Charging Your Plug-In-Hybrid

26 February 2024

Charging Your Plug-In-Hybrid

In addition to the convenience and cost savings of charging your Jaguar Land Rover plug-in hybrid (PHEV) at home, charging your vehicle at your destination can also be a useful way to extend its electric range throughout the day. By doing so, you can decrease your fuel costs and minimize your environmental impact, as driving in full Electric Vehicle (EV) mode results in zero tailpipe emissions.

Thinking About Going Electric?

Jaguar Land Rover offer PHEV & MHEV options for the entire range, and with 320 low emission zones across Europe, with many more to be expected over the coming years, now could be the perfect time to switch to hybrid driving. If you want any information on the Jaguar Land Rover hybrid range or want to find out more about whether hybrid vehicles are right for you, give us a call on the numbers below. 

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Jaguar Land Rover Boston

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Land Rover Market Rasen

Finding Charging Points

There are now more places than ever to charge your vehicle while parked, thanks to a quickly expanding network of charging points across the UK. These points can be found at retail parks, gyms, car parks, and even your workplace. Fortunately, locating these charging stations is a breeze.

Land Rover Charging

The days of needing multiple charging accounts and apps and having to google where to find charging points are over! Land Rover Charging, powered by Plugsurfing, is the only app you need, with access to over 600,000 charging points spanning the whole way across Europe. 

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Let Your Car Do The Work

Your Jaguar or Land Rover creates door-to-door route planning, highlighting charging points and monitoring traffic to find the most efficient places for you to stop and charge on the road!

Which Charging Points Can I Use?

Your Land Rover PHEV utilizes a Combined Charging System (CCS) to connect to a charging point, which supports slower AC charging speeds and, on specific models, rapid DC charging speeds. Unlike some other car manufacturers that employ different charging systems such as CHAdeMO, which are less commonly utilized throughout the charging network and are not compatible with Land Rover PHEVs.


You can typically find the Rapid DC charging points on main-roads and motor ways, whereas AC Charging Points can be found in retail parks, gyms and car parks.

AC Charging

AC Charging Points require you to have and bring your charging cable with you, we recommend always having your charging cable in the boot of your car anyway (all our JLR hybrid vehicles come with one as standard).

Rapic DC Charging

Rapid DC Charging is the fastest way to charge your EV or hybrid vehicle. These come with there own charging cables on site, there is no need to have your own!

We have a range of Used-Approved electric & hybrid stock available now!

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