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Driving In Winter With Jaguar

18 November 2022

Driving In Winter With Jaguar

Jaguar All-Wheel Drive

All Wheel Drive (AWD) is available across our Jaguar selection, including the all-electric I-PACE. The innovative system spreads the engine’s power across all wheels, giving you enhanced grip on all surfaces. Whether your journey is on loose gravel in the summer or icy roads in the winter, AWD provides greater stability and control.

Those looking for peace of mind and a greater sense of composure this winter should certainly opt for the superior traction of AWD for their new Jaguar.

How Does All-Wheel Drive Work?

Jaguar’s Intelligent Driveline Dynamics AWD technology is able to detect the exact type of driving system needed for your journey.

For instance, in normal conditions, 90% of the torque will be distributed to the back wheels for a more pleasurable driving experience. However, if the system detects snow or ice, it will know that more traction is needed and will transfer some necessary torque to the front wheels for increased stability.

Difference Between AWD and 4WD

The key difference between AWD and 4WD is that the former is controlled electronically, while the latter is powered mechanically. 4WD is suited for vehicles designed for extreme off-roading, allowing them to combat boulders, deep water and extremely steep hills. AWD, on the other hand, is more equipped for road cars.

Jaguar Winter Tyres

For maximum grip and minimum wear over challenging winter surfaces, Jaguar winter tyres are specially designed for the high performance requirements of your Jaguar. They are manufactured from materials suitable for use below 7°C, and feature 1,500 sipes (grooves) to repel snow, water, ice and slush.

Jaguar’s winter tyres can reduce stopping distance by an impressive 59% compared to normal tyres. Whether you’re looking for something specific like Jaguar XF tyres or simply need advice on which tyres you need, call us on 01205 722110 or visit our Boston or Market Rasen showroom for more information.

Jaguar Winter Health Check

Don’t drive on thin ice with the performance of your vehicle this winter – check it in with our nationally recognised, specially trained service team for maximum peace of mind. We currently offer Winter Health Checks for at our Boston & Market Rasen showroom!

Book a Jaguar service to ensure your vehicle is performing to its full capabilities this winter.

Jaguar Winter Accessories

At Duckworth’s, we have a range of Jaguar accessories to suit your lifestyle, as well as the conditions. From exterior protection such as splash guards and all-weather covers, right on through to robust carpet mats and luggage compartment rails, we have everything you need to make that winter adventure all the more accessible and enjoyable.

One accessory we would recommend to all drivers looking to brave the winter conditions in their Jaguar would be traction aids. These are items that easily fit onto your tyres and help keep you safe when driving on treacherous surfaces.

For the harshest of winter weather, we recommend the easily-fitted, textile Snow Sock Winter Traction Aid, that fits to all four wheels to improve grip. There is also the rear wheel only option, the Snow Traction System snow chains.

Jaguar InControl Protect

Most Jaguar owners will be familiar with InControl, but for those of you who aren’t, it is the intelligent touchscreen system within the interior of the vehicle. InControl provides an array of services and apps, including navigation, entertainment and driver assistance.

InControl Protect includes a clever Remote Smartphone App, Optimised Jaguar Assistance and SOS Emergency Call. These can all be used to guarantee maximum peace of mind during winter journeys.

Be sure to use the app to check your fuel levels, as well as run any vehicle diagnostics when embarking on a long drive in the coming months. It’s also important to remember that Optimised Jaguar Assistance can send your vehicle’s location and diagnostic data to your recovery company in the case of a breakdown.

Embrace Winter With Jaguar

Seasons change, but your Jaguar’s extraordinary capabilities should remain flawless all year round. Whether you’re looking for new parts and accessories or a brand-new set of wheels, visit our showroom today for all the help you need this winter.