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Jaguar Land Rover InControl: Seamless Connectivity, Luxury Infotainment

16 August 2019

Jaguar Land Rover InControl: Seamless Connectivity, Luxury Infotainment

What Is Jaguar Land Rover InControl?

InControl is Jaguar Land Rover’s innovative, seamless infotainment system, allowing drivers to connect to a variety of multimedia using its various features.

From driver assistance and navigation to music and remote control access to your vehicle, InControl really does offer everything you need to take driving to the next level.

What Can InControl Do?

Jaguar Land Rover offer a suite of services and applications via InControl, including:


Jaguar and Land Rover engines are built for supreme performance; their exteriors are crafted for elite luxury, and InControl is designed to make driving even more enjoyable. InControl includes the Touch Pro system, which integrates a high-definition touchscreen and voice control to enable you to select your music, maps and other media platforms.

A Meridian sound system, DAB radio, Digital TV and InControl apps all combine for the perfect, relaxing, in-cabin driving experience.

Interactive Display

Jaguar Land Rover’s interior includes a head-up display that presents your speed and navigation via HD, full-colour graphics right onto your windscreen.

Meanwhile, InControl interactive display includes a full-screen map and phone controls via Bluetooth. Its screen allows you to interact with your navigation while operating your media via a dual-screen, too.


Jaguar Land Rover is forever at the front of innovation, and the brand’s commitment to providing the very best driving experience certainly extends to each model’s connectivity.

InControl connects you to your vehicle via your phone’s Bluetooth and USB slot, while an in-built Wi-Fi hotspot and a wide selection of apps are also included.

Learn more information on InControl connectivity.

Driver Assistance

InControl not only ensures an enjoyable driving experience, but it also guarantees a more practical and efficient journey each time you get behind the wheel. Navigation Pro helps you get to where you need to be, while dynamic, conveniently positioned dials can control contemporary features such as cabin temperature and terrain response.

Remote Control

InControl gives you full control of your Jaguar Land Rover vehicle, even if you are not in it. Thanks to the InControl Remote App, you can check your fuel levels, vehicle security and where your car is located.

If you’ve forgotten to lock your car, fear not. Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl Remote App allows you to remotely lock your car and secure your doors and windows. It also allows you to track your car if it’s stolen.

See Jaguar Land Rover InControl In Action

We’d love to show you how InControl works while showcasing our Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. Visit us on Avalon Road, Boston, or Willingham Road, Market Rasen, to explore our full range, which spans almost 200 vehicles!