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Land Rover - Winter Safety Guide

22 November 2022

Land Rover - Winter Safety Guide


Make sure your winter tyres are properly inflated, and remember that over-inflation can reduce grip. In winter you need your tires to be in good condition, so give them a check to see if you're in need of new tires.


Before you set out, use a scraper or de-icer to clear windows, mirrors, headlights and brake lights to make sure people can see you in darker, or foggier conditions. 

Duckworth Winter Health Check

Don't leave your cars condition to chance this winter. The Duckworth Winter Health Check tests 9 aspects of your vehicle health to make sure your car is winter ready. Find Out More

All Terrain Response System

The Land Rover All Terrain Response System is your silent assistant when driving through winter! 

Land Rovers elite Terrain Response system allows users to effortlessly optimise your vehicles performance, no matter where you're driving, or what surface you're driving on. 

In winter, the Grass/Gravel/Snow setting causes your Land Rover to engage in intelligent traction on slippery surfaces based upon gradient, slip and yaw, temperature and pressure. 

Make Your Car Winter Ready - Land Rover Accessories


Land Rover branded mudflaps complement the lines of your vehicle, reduce spray and provide protection from dirt and stone chippings. You can get yours today from the Duckworth parts website: Shop Now

Rubber Mats

Hard wearing Land Rover branded rubber mats provide added protection for your vehicle's carpets, keeping your car clean over wetter seasons, as well as preventing slipping in wet or icey shoes. Brose the Duckworth range today: Shop Now

Ski And Snowboard Carrier

A safe and secure Land Rover branded system for transporting winter sports equipment. Incorporates slider rails for easy loading and has lockable feature for security. Four pairs of skis or two snowboards can be stored. 

Land Rover accessories meet the exacting standards you expect from Land Rover while working in total harmony with your vehicle. They are tested in extreme hot and cold temperatures to ensure to ensure they will perform in all conditions, all year round. 

Below are just some of the tests we put Genuine Land Rove Accessories through:

- Exposure of up to two years of direct as sunlight known as 'Florida Weathering'

- Heat Ageing Test for 500 hours

- Extreme Heat Test ranging from -40° to 80° 

- Heat Shock Testing during which parts are colled to -40° for 16 hours, then heated to 70° for 5 minutes

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