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An interview with Rainbow Lizard Racing

21 June 2024

An interview with Rainbow Lizard Racing

This year at The Lincolnshire Show we met up with Megan Purchase of Rainbow Lizard Racing for coffee, cake and to hear all about her journey into racing. We are sharing her story on our platforms to help raise awareness about her racing in hope to connect her with sponsors.

Having studied for a degree in politics and international relations at Nottingham Trent University, Megan did not expect to be pursuing a career in motor racing. However, a chance meeting led Megan to meet her now mentor Claire when participating in the BPC (Burntwood Performance Centre) scholarship last March. Previously Megan had done some rental kart and sim racing, and she is now racing across the UK and Europe, having raced at Oulton Park, Silverstone, Donnington, Snetteron and the C1 24hr in Portugal to name a few!

So, where did a name like Rainbow Lizard come from? The name reflects Meghan as a person, from the rainbow signifying that she is trans and proudly part of the LGBT community and aims to inspire others to get into sport, and the lizard part comes from the lizard that crossed the track at the Singapore Grand Prix representing tenacity and determination.

Away from her own racing Megan’s passion for all things motorsport shine through. She works as a supercar experience day instructor, coaching people on their gift experiences and she also is a Marshal at other races to get close to the action and provide the assistance all races require to run safely. 

Megan has self-funded herself through her first year of racing and is now looking for sponsors. If you can help please contact her directly via email at

You can stay up to date with her racing on her Facebook page and Instagram page. 

We would like to wish Megan all the very best with the rest of the 2024 season and her future career.