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Silver Bullet: Buy Online with Duckworth

23 November 2021

Silver Bullet: Buy Online with Duckworth

Duckworth Motor Group are the latest to integrate Silver Bullets digital purchasing software. It’s been a tough few years for all and unfortunately our state-of-the-art showrooms are no longer for everyone.

We care about all our customers equally and find it important that some of our most loyal customers, no matter where they are, have access to our most valued features. You are now able to build the finance deal most convenient for you, trade-in your vehicle for a fair price, add Duckworth care packages to personalise your deal and complete the buying process. Coupled with nationwide delivery, our cars are now more accessible than ever!

We love talking to our customers face-to-face, it helps us tailor our award-winning customer service for each of our customers needs. For those of you who do not currently, or no longer feel as comfortable in indoor spaces, who have vulnerable loved ones or are vulnerable themselves, or for those of you who have moved away having built a relationship with Duckworth, this change is with you in mind.

We offer telephone appointments, 360-degree online videos of our cars, personal virtual tours with our salesmen and the new Silver Bullet buying process to make our customers as safe and as comfortable as possible.