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The Jaguar F-TYPE

24 January 2022

The Jaguar F-TYPE

The F-TYPE encapsulates Jaguar, and with the 23MY Jaguar F-Type being revealed on the 10th of January 2022, we thought we’d go back over the history of the F-TYPE.

The "Spiritual Successor"

The journey of the F-TYPE actually starts with the E-TYPE, an iconic British car produced from 1961 and 1975, recently put back in the public eye in the 5th season of Mad Men. Ranking first in the telegraphs “100 most beautiful cars”, the E-TYPE is rumoured to have been called “the most beautiful car of all time” by Enzo Ferrari himself – though this has never been confirmed.  

A hop, skip and a 25 year jump later, the F-TYPE makes its first appearance in the British Motor Museum, Gaydon, in the year 2000. For those knowing the F-TYPE launched in 2013, this may seem surprising, but having been taken over by Ford in ’89, the priorities of Jaguar were changing. In 2002 the F-TYPE concept was scrapped, having failed to make large scale production feasible, in what ended up a trade-off with Jaguar’s Formula 1 investments.

The F-TYPE is Born

It took 10 years for the F-TYPE to return to the scene at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the first 2-seater sports car in 50 years for Jaguar. After 4 years of F-TYPE growing more driver focused and sportier by the year, the Project 7 was born, the first limited edition F-TYPE equipped with a v8 engine. This, to celebrate the accomplishments of the Jaguar D-TYPE (1955) which later went on to be the third most expensive car ever sold at auction, going for an eye-watering £16,772,619.

More recently, the F-TYPE brought the arrival of the SVR range at Jaguar. Though still a day-to-day sports car, the F-TYPE SVR boasts a top speed of 200mph and a 0-60 of 3.5 seconds. Simply unbelievable performance.


There is a broad spectrum to choose from when it comes to the F-TYPE. While all hold the prestige, and the beauty of the F-TYPE, options range from sports car to driver’s paradise. The F-TYPE Coupe P300 RWD starts at £54,635 with a top speed of 155, hitting 60mph in 5.4 seconds, not exactly slow. By default, the F-TYPE comes with touch pro, parking cameras and aids, 10” touch screen display, Apple Car play, active sports exhaust and 18” Style 1036 wheels. At the other end, the F-TYPE R-Coupe, starting from £100,030, reaches 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds and can climb all the way to 186mph while also having R interior, R branded steering wheels, 20” 1066 Diamond Turned / Black contrast wheels, this F-TYPE is really going to turn heads. These prices are as of 24/01/21.

There is a whole range of cars between these two, P300 and P450 are available in Dynamic or Dynamic-Black, with the P450 available in RWD and AWD, we’ve got the F-TYPE for you.

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