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Want Your Pet To Travel In Style?

16 February 2022

Want Your Pet To Travel In Style?

We've launched our new Duckworth Parts site and added a new section exclusively for our best friends 🐶🐱 In this article we go over the advantages of some of our best Land Rover pet products. 

Our pet products focus on accessibility, comfort, safety and protection, with clever storage methods and unique designs tailor made for each specific model. 

We've launched our new Duckworth Parts site and added a new section exclusively for our best friends 🐶🐱 In this article we go over 7 of our best products, segmented into 2 categories, On The Road Essentials and Practical Loadspace Accessories, 

On The Road Essentials

Portable Rinsing System

One of our most popular and most versatile pet products, the portable rinsing system. This really is the perfect accessory for muddy walks, camping trips or outdoor sports.

This system can provide 2-5 minutes of continuous water flow through a hose style head with no need for batteries or power, as the system utilises the pressure captures while its being filled. D-loops allow this to be hung in the boot of your car, as we wouldn't want to take any boot space away from your pet!  

As is the case with all our pet products, it is of course branded to complete the Land Rover look!

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Pet Access Ramp

Not all our pets have the spring in their step they used to and some just can't jump that high. A pet access ramp allows your pet to get to and from the boot as they please. The ramp is suitable for use for pets up to 85kg and features aluminium side panels and a plastic centre section with a high-grip tread pattern

Unspillable Water Bowl

The same essential water bowl, but with less mess! Providing a convenient solution for use inside or outside of the vehicle, the spill resistant water bowl incorporates a clever design feature which redirects water towards the centre of the bowl when the water is disturbed, making it ideal for owners who regularly carry dogs or other pets in their vehicle.

Foldable Pet Carrier

A safe, comfortable place for your pet to travel. Quilted fabric cushions for comfort, netted sides for visibility and a loaded locking mechanism to fold away, all while reinforced carry handles and corner pieces provide a premium finish. This is truly travelling in style. 

Practical Loadspace Accessories

We've selected 3 products that can change your loadspace for you and your pet (though, on our new parts site if you search "loadspace" there are 127 associated products - why not take a look?) Click the images below to take a closer look! Clciked through, and its not for your Land Rover model? Our website allows you to search for items through its SKU Code, words in our search bar, and by searching by model.

Loadspace partitions help to protect your dog in accidents, and to stop the cheekier pets getting through and tracking mud onto your new Range Rover. 

The Loadspace Full Protection Liner is the most comprehensive loadspace protector we have, guaranteed to protect your boot from mud, garden waste or leisure equipment, as well as folding down to act as a bumper protector.  

The quilted loadspace liner is easy to clean, as it pulls up and detatches, a comfier place for your pet to sit and it protects your boot from scuffs and scrapes. 

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Not Just a Pet Product

Many of our pet products benefit their owners on a daily basis, with luggage partitions allowing you to make the most of your storage space, safely filling this area to the top. Our portable rinsing system isn't just the perfect tool to wash your pet before the journey home, but bikes, wellies, wetsuits, its a Land Rover essential. The loadspace mats is perfect for those who want to throw their luggage in, without scuffing or marking their loadspace.