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What will car retailers look like in the future?

12 June 2023

What will car retailers look like in the future?

We decided to put AI to the test and ask what car retailers of the future might be like. This is what AI had to say…

“In the future, car showrooms are likely to undergo significant transformations due to advancements in technology and changing consumer preferences. Here are some potential features and trends that may be present in car showrooms of the future:

Digital and interactive displays: Showrooms may utilise advanced digital displays, such as holographic or augmented reality technology, to showcase cars. Customers could interact with virtual representations of vehicles, exploring different colours, configurations, and features.

Virtual reality test drives: Instead of relying solely on physical test drives, showrooms might offer virtual reality experiences that allow customers to "drive" a car in a simulated environment. This could provide a more immersive and convenient way to experience different models.

Customisation options: Car showrooms could incorporate advanced customisation tools, allowing customers to personalize various aspects of their vehicles, such as interior design, exterior features, and technology options. These tools may be integrated into interactive displays or virtual reality experiences.

Electric vehicle infrastructure: With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), showrooms might have dedicated areas for showcasing EV models. These areas could include charging stations, information about charging infrastructure, and educational displays highlighting the benefits of electric mobility.

Connected and autonomous features: Showrooms could emphasise the integration of connected and autonomous technologies in vehicles. Interactive displays might demonstrate how these features work and their potential benefits, providing customers with a better understanding of the future of mobility.

Sustainable design: Showrooms might adopt eco-friendly and sustainable design principles. This could include energy-efficient lighting, renewable energy sources, green spaces, and recycled or environmentally friendly building materials, aligning with the growing focus on sustainability.

Digital purchasing and delivery options: Car showrooms might evolve to offer fully digital purchasing experiences, allowing customers to configure, order, and complete the purchase of a vehicle online. Delivery options, such as home delivery or automated pick-up centres, could also become more common.

Enhanced customer experience: Showrooms of the future may prioritise creating memorable and engaging experiences for customers. This could involve interactive exhibits, dedicated lounges for relaxation or work, and technology-enabled personalization to cater to individual preferences.

It's important to note that these are speculative ideas based on current trends and emerging technologies. The actual future of car showrooms will depend on various factors, including advancements in technology, market demands, and industry innovations.”

Are we already living in the future?

Here at Duckworth Motor Group we already align with many of the above statements. Take our configuration stations for example where clients experience picking their personalisation choices from interior materials and colours to exterior paint options and finishes, as well as added extras such as side-steps, roof racks, and tow bars to passenger entertainment systems. Then there are our Electric Vehicle displays and charging points, not just for the eco-conscious, but for business and fleet customers as well as aligning with our values and preparing our business for the future and protecting our planet.

Connectedness is something our owners are already benefitting from via our InControl service. The in-built systems allow for software and map navigation updates as well as app connection for music and calls. The remote app allows vehicle tracking and monitoring of the vehicle’s health and status from a smartphone device.

As for environmental innovation, an all-electric Range Rover will be available to pre-order later this year, and Land Rover itself will aim to be net zero carbon emissions by 2039, all the way from supply chain to manufacture. The business is making strides in all areas to have less of an impact on the planet from reducing waste, to recycling materials and reducing car weight to make them more efficient.

Here at Duckworth Motor Group you can already fulfil a fully digital purchase on our website! Simply click the car you want to buy, trade in your old vehicle online, add any applicable car packages and voucher codes, and add your details and payment method. You can even have the car delivered for a fully contactless purchase – perfect for those with a busy lifestyle.

Customer experience is already something as an official franchise that we pride ourselves on. Coming into us shouldn’t be a chore, but an experience. That’s why when you come in for your annual MOT or Service you will be able to enjoy refreshments in our client lounge alongside a selection of magazines, TV, or free Wi-Fi connection for business or entertainment. You can even hire a desk or an office to conduct your business in privacy whilst you wait for your vehicle. Once you’ve paid us a visit we will ask for a review of our service to ensure that we are fulfilling our customers’ needs to the best of our ability.

So, what do we think awaits the car buyer in the future and has AI got it right? Whilst we don’t think virtual reality test drives will really catch on as there is nothing better than a real-life experience and that new car smell, we do think customer experience, relationships and that human and personalised touch has a lot to offer when it comes to making big purchases. We love getting to know our clients and pride ourselves on relationships which have lasted years. If we were really able to think outside here though, we would love to see self-fixing parts or robots going out to customers to perform their services and MOTs when their owners are asleep so as not to have any gaps in car usability… but perhaps we are getting carried away now!


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