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Winter Car Care – keeping you safe on the road

30 October 2023

Winter Car Care – keeping you safe on the road

As the leaves on the trees turn into autumnal hues and you reach for the thermostat, be sure to turn your attention to your vehicle and prepare for a winter on the road.

What can we do to prepare your vehicle for winter…

  • Check oil level and top-up when necessary.
  • Check coolant viscosity and level.
  • Check electrics such as your battery, indicators and lights.
  • Remember good car mats are not just there to protect your shiny interior, they will quickly soak up water, salt and mud.
  • Top up screen wash and check wiper blades to ensure maximum visibility in all conditions. In the winter windscreens can become dirty extremely quickly with mud and salt splashing up from the roads, as well as ice and snow.
  • Check tyre tread depth and pressure to ensure they are able to give traction and grip on wet and icy roads. You may want to consider winter tyres.

Take some time to think about and invest in a basic winter car care kit. You could consider including de-icer, a window scraper, sunglasses, a warning triangle, a portable phone charger, a spare coat, a blanket, bottles of water, snack bars, a tow rope, a torch, wellies and a shovel. Remember to renew your breakdown cover and keep the details, as well as any emergency phone numbers in your car.

It might be an obvious one, but on winter journeys, always ensure you have enough fuel. Don’t let yourself run low as you may get caught up in bad weather.

We are pleased to offer customers, both old and new, a full winter vehicle health check – priced at just £49.99 on a while-you-wait basis. This includes a vehicle health check report which will detail the health of your vehicle, and actions to take should your vehicle require additional repairs or maintenance. Vehicle health checks and catching faults early are a sensible way to avoid unexpected breakdowns, repairs and maintenance costs throughout the winter.

To arrange your winter health check please get in touch on 01673 842101 (Market Rasen) or 01205 722110 (Boston).